About us

ARDORA consists of a partnership among five branches, all dedicated to the shipbuilding sector, involved in the following activities:

- GUASCOR: Marine and Industrial diesel and Natural Gas engines.
- GALI (epoxy resins): Compresed-air starters.
- CHOCKFAST: Chockes marine main propulsion and auxiliary machinery.
- AGCO POWER: Previously Valmet. Propeller and auxiliary marine diesel engines.




ARDORA has four certifications:

  • ISO 9.001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 14.001: Environmental Management Standards
    With the approval from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. 
  • OHSAS 18.001: Security and Health Management System at work.  
  • SGE 21: Ethical and Social Responsibility Management Standards with the approval from Bureau Veritas and certified by Forética. ARDORA made ​​publicly available an annual report on corporate social responsibility.
  • To download this certificates, go to the menu button “Certifications”.
        To download the Code of Conduct and the Politics of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Management Ethics and Social Responsibility, go to the menu button “Certifications”.
  • All of them in the field of:

Shipbuilding marketing and industrial machinery, repairs, technical assistance and supplier of spare parts.





Ardora, S.A. was established in November 1975. From the beginning its main activity has consisted of marketing diesel engines, predominantly for boats, the sale of refills, maintenance and repairs. From 1994 when laws that promote the installation of diesel engines in cogeneration were passed, Ardora, S.A. entered this field.


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